Powering Commerce 2.0

ZipfWorks (zif’works) is building the technologies and platforms to power the next generation of online commerce. We design, develop and scale connected commerce services that help millions of consumers find and acquire the products and services they'll love.




Our proprietary big data platform that makes millions of products from our 8,000+ retail partners instantly available through our consumer applications. Our platform enables us to quickly deploy, scale, track and optimize our consumer-facing commerce applications. ZipfCommerce is built on leading edge technologies including Scala, MongoDB and Neo4j.

Zipf's Law

Zipf's Law

Zipf’s (pronounced zif's) Law is a mathematical description of many things we see in nature, including seemingly unmathematical things like social relationships. Its more generally known as a Power Law.

Among social connections, Zipf’s Law states that a few networks tend to become very big, while the vast majority remain small. One possible explanation of this is that people tend to gather where there are already many other people. Another is that some networks become more useful as more people join them (the “network effect”).

At ZipfWorks, we create social networks that connect people with other people and with products and services they'll love. Our mission is to grow these networks, adding utility and value to people’s lives through an increasingly rich set of connections.


StyleSpotter makes it easy to comparison shop across hundreds of top fashion stores, all in one place. Available for iPad as well as via mobile-friendly website.

BluePromoCode is a coupon search engine providing quick access to the latest deals, promo codes and discounts on thousands of your favorite retailers. We also provide printable in-store coupons, as well as up-to-date tips and inside guides on saving money.

Market Trends

Commerce 1.0

Commerce 1.0

  • Industrial age manufacturers selling products to consumers via online channels.

  • Consumers find products through shopping portals.

  • Limited information available. Power is on the retailer / manufacturer side.

Commerce 2.0

Commerce 2.0

  • Democratization between buyers and sellers.

  • People find products through social and search channels.

  • Shopping apps and sites are interconnected via APIs and embeddable components.

  • Overabundance of products, options and information.

  • Unprecedented price transparency. Power shifts to consumers.

New Market Problems

New Market Problems

  • New dynamics drive shopping online - social, search engines, cross-device experiences - a new generation of apps is needed to power this.

  • App developers need new ways of monetizing beyond traditional advertising.

  • Retailers and manufacturers need to innovate to reach consumers in creative new ways - how to do this?

ZipfWorks - What We Do

ZipfWorks - What We Do

  • We build socially-connected apps that help people find and consume the products they’ll love.

  • We help retailers reach consumers in innovative new ways.

  • We help developers build connected commerce applications, enabling them to deploy new services quickly and efficiently and tap into new streams of revenue.


  • Michael Quoc
    Founder and CEO

    Michael is the founder of ZipfWorks and manages the daily operations of the company. Prior to founding ZipfWorks, Michael was the Director of Products at Yahoo!’s media lab where he designed and launched multiple new services in the mobile and social networking areas. Michael holds a BS in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, and has been granted eight patents relating to mobile applications and social networking technology. His favorite hobbies include scuba diving in remote places, being a dad and racing triathlons.

  • Brian Stanback
    Lead Software Engineer
  • Jeff McGee
    Senior Software Engineer

    Jeff leads software development for ZipfWorks' consumer-facing web applications and is responsible for key infrastructure pieces for our API platform. Jeff was previously a software developer at Collective Labs where he built web and iOS applications. During his Master's program at Texas A&M, Jeff published a research paper on FriendlyLocation, an app built on Python and Hadoop that analyzes social media tie strength to predict users' geolocations on Twitter. Jeff has an MS in Computer Science and a BS in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University.

  • Daniel Khamsing
    Software Engineer (iOS)

    Daniel handles iOS software development for ZipfWorks' mobile applications. Prior to ZipfWorks, Daniel developed and launched numerous successful apps in the iTunes App Store. He was previously a software engineer at Cisco Systems. Daniel holds a BS in Computer Science from Santa Clara University. Daniel was an avid runner and photographer in a previous life, but now spends his free time enjoying Hitchcock movies, sushi and fried chicken.

  • Kevin Fang
    API Software Engineer

    Kevin handles API design, architecture and development for the ZipfCommerce platform. Prior to joining ZipfWorks, Kevin was a software developer at Aerospace Corporation. He recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Kevin enjoys cooking Chinese food and vanquishing hapless foes on the ping pong table.

  • June Hong
    Senior UX Designer

    June handles user experience (UX) design for ZipfWorks' consumer applications. Prior to joining ZipfWorks, June was a Marketing Strategist at MotionPoint Corporation, and held design and strategy positions at Microsoft and Bain & Company. June holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and BS in Industrial Design from KAIST. When she's not working, June enjoys watching satirical sitcoms, playing board games and idling.

  • Qing Li
    UI/Visual Designer

    Qing handles the visual + UI/UX design and front-end web software development for ZipfWorks’ websites and applications. Prior to ZipfWorks, Qing was a Senior Designer at EndPlay and a Web/UI Designer at Konami Digital Entertainment. Qing holds a Certificate in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from UC Santa Barbara, and a Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University. Aside from being a self-described Apple fan girl, Qing enjoys oil painting, charcoal drawing and consuming Japanese snacks.

  • Sam Olmsted
    API Software Engineer

    Sam handles software development for ZipfWorks' big data platform and commerce API. Prior to joining Zipfworks, Sam held software development positions at the National Security Agency, the Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis, and the Los Alamos National Labs. Sam graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. While he's not coding, Sam enjoys playing Go and running.

  • John Mun
    Front-End Web Developer

    John handles front-end web development for ZipfWorks' consumer-facing properties. Prior to joining ZipfWorks, John held developer positions at XEN, InterFuel and the Ventura County Star. He holds a BS in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara. While he's not reading about gadgets and the latest startups, John enjoys ping pong, video games and poker tournaments.

  • Mark Mazza
    Business Operations Manager

    Mark manages affiliate relationships and content operations for the ZipfCommerce platform. Mark is responsible for expanding and deepening ZipfWorks' partner relationships, as well as managing our affiliate content operations and staff. Prior to ZipfWorks, Mark held account management positions at Organic Data and SodaStream. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers. When not playing basketball or rooting for his favorite Philly sports teams, Mark is a curator and critic of fine Korean BBQ restaurants around Los Angeles.

  • Kasha Cabato
    Marketing Coordinator, Fashion

    Kasha handles marketing, content production and social media for ZipfWorks' fashion-related apps and services. Prior to ZipfWorks, Kasha handled social media and marketing responsibilities for Insane Jungle and co-founded the custom art handbag company Barbara Eberhart Bags. Kasha holds a BBA in Design and Management from the Parsons School of Design. When she's not working, she enjoys taking her dog Bruno on hikes, baking chocolate goodies, vintage shopping, and working on her tan at the beach.

  • Jenny La Van
    Business Operations Coordinator

    Jenny handles relationship management with ZipfWorks' retail partners, and assists in managing the business operations of our websites and applications. Prior to ZipfWorks, Jenny held business development positions with Hello Society and Woo Agency. Jenny holds a BS in Business Administration and an AA in Merchandise Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). Outside the office, Jenny enjoys camping and hiking, cooking and eating sushi.

  • Britney Laird
    Marketing Assistant, Fashion

    Britney assists in marketing, content production, and social media engagement for Zipfworks' fashion-related apps and services. Prior to Zipfworks, Britney handled marketing content, advertising strategies, and managed all social media accounts at Image of California. Britney graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) with a degree in Merchandise Marketing. Outside the office, Britney enjoys attending live music events, exploring new vintage shops, hiking outdoors, and watching the San Francisco Giants win.


We partner with over 8,000 retailers, making their products and services available to millions of consumers through our network of applications. We work with retailers across all verticals, and we're actively expanding our network. To learn more about partnering with us, please send us a note at partnerships@zipfworks.com.


ZipfWorks is a dynamic, fast-paced and creative place to work. As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to put your name down as a co-creator of a range of innovative new apps and services that reach millions of users. We offer full health, dental and vision benefits, subsidized parking and fitness club perks. Our office is located in the lovely Water Garden complex in the heart of Santa Monica. If you are interested in applying for a position with us, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@zipfworks.com.

Lead UI / UX Designer

We're looking for a talented and ambitious UI / UX Designer to join our product team and lead the design for all of our software products spanning web, tablet and phone. The ideal candidate is comfortable absorbing complex requirements and delivering interfaces that combine a great user experience with beautiful visual design. A passion for online shopping and e-commerce is a plus - you'll be observing and understand emerging shopper behaviors to inform your requirements and designs.

  • Lead design for our applications and websites
  • Understand user needs and translate into design requirements
  • Map site architecture
  • Build wireframes, user flows and prototypes
  • Deliver high fidelity mockups and visual designs
  • 5+ years designing user interfaces and visual designs for rich interactive applications
  • BS degree in digital design, HCI or media design
  • Experience designing for web, tablet and mobile
  • Strong portfolio of work showcasing expertise in UX design, interaction design and visual design
  • Strong cross-functional communication and collaboration skills (engineering, marketing, product)

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API Platform Engineer (Scala / Java / MongoDB)

In this role, you’ll be helping to design, architect and build the ZipfCommerce platform which will provide access to millions of products and services to our network of applications. You’ll also work on designing and delivering the service layer of many of our consumer facing applications.

  • Experience with Java and/or Scala.
  • Familiarity with internet technologies (e.g. HTTP, HTML, Javascript, Networking) and exposing/consuming RESTful web services.
  • Solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented design.
  • Data storage and schema design. Experience designing data models for complex applications and scaling databases in high volume environments.
  • Experience architecting and optimizing MongoDB or other NoSQL databases.
  • Desirable:
    -- Familiarity with some common technologies and techniques for crawling, extracting, and processing data (e.g. Scrapy, Lucene, NLTK, LIBSVM, Weka, Mapreduce, Neo4j).
    -- Experience with distributed systems, service oriented architecture (SOA), and cloud computing.
    -- Experience with a functional programming language (Haskell, Clojure, Erlang).
  • Experience with version control (Git, SVN).
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, unstructured, startup environment.
  • BS in Computer Science.

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Software Engineer (Javascript / Ember.js / Python)

In this role, you’ll be developing the front-end code for our upcoming web applications, including StyleSpotter and DayFire. You'll be writing Javascript, consuming RESTful APIs, and translating visual designs into elegant, efficient code. You'll also be working on our external web crawling system which helps us maintain our catalog of products from retailers around the web.

  • Javascript. Must have experience with native code on up through higher level frameworks. Experience using client-side MVC frameworks (Angular, Ember, Backbone, ExtJS 4), as well as JQuery. Experience integrating with APIs via AJAX and REST. Ability to optimize Javascript for memory and performance. Experience with Coffeescript is a plus.
  • HTML / CSS. Experience with CSS3 and HTML5. Familiarity with mobile web design and responsive design.
  • Experience with Python or Node.js is preferred.
  • Experience with version control (Git, SVN).
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, unstructured, startup environment.
  • Degree in Computer Science or related technical field.

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Software Engineer (iOS / Xcode)

In this role, you’ll be developing iOS client software for our consumer applications, including StyleSpotter and DayFire. You'll work closely with our platform API team, consuming RESTful web services and developing beautiful, polished interfaces for iPhone and iPad.

  • iOS development experience using Objective-C, Cocoa Touch and the iPhone / iPad Apple SDK.
  • Experience with Xcode, including development, debugging, profiling, optimizing, and build process.
  • Experience with Core Data, Auto Layout, Core Graphics, KVO, GCD, APNS, Unit Testing, open source contribution.
  • Knowledge of web service technologies (REST APIs).
  • Experience with socket programming, memory management, concurrency, and complexity analysis.
  • Excellent OO programming skills and understanding of design patterns.
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git and Subversion.
  • Able to quickly gain an understanding of our customers, requirements, and technology needs.
  • Thrives on cooperation, problem solving, dealing with ambiguity, and working with little direction when necessary.
  • BS in Computer Science.

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